Door is not just your private space from the outside world separates the plane. It is security, sound insulation, privacy and comfort of. At the announcement of the question which door to choose, is determined from toil than ability. This, of course, critical to many of the other side, a spe DEBATED: place of residence (private house or apartment, a high where you live) and the space in which the doors are needed by the OS. When we talk about housing, in particular, begin to imagine the doorstep. Exterior doors - an important issue for all, storing not only privacy, but also seek a sense of security. In this case, talking about the front door, we can distinguish these species. Doors can be plastic, wooden door (solid wood or a combination), and protective steel door.

Plastic doors include:

a variety of styles;
high stability thanks to large sections of profiles;
good thermal insulation of the glass fiber reinforced threshold;
excellent protection against burglary;
specific middleware helps prevent drafts;
reliable operation.

In order to make higher-door strength and stability indicators profile producers constructed a profile inner walls in such a way that it has become possible to use a broad range of reinforcement. 74 mm profile for internal partitions and layout allowed to increase the hardness of steel reinforcement by 30%. Rebar išfrezuojamos cavity lock. To prevent leaf canting angles and ensure the stability of the corners used in welded joints. Component parts in large selection allows the production of different types of configurations and doors. You can use a variety of hardware and locks, as well as the door leaf fillers. Doors can be opened both from the outside and the inside. Door leaf can be made of color profiles and color of the laminated profile.

Wooden doors are much more popular in the recent past, some of the security standard has been so relevant to everyday life. On the other hand, they are still widely used in individual houses of the security more than the doors, increases the high fence and lockable gates, alarm system. Wooden doors are usually made ash, oak and pine wood accent makes the original brick houses preserved classic subtlety. These wooden doors can be painted, varnished, or specially aged išrievėjamos - it all depends on the desire to have a unique and original piece door. In any other case, you can simply choose a simple, natural wood grain door, but remember - whatever they may be natural, however, they must be treated with special weathering of protective materials. Wooden doors can be manufactured with glass - usually two cameras, a variety of optional colors, reflective glass windows. Do not forget that over time, humidity, after he had spent a natural tree growing, and in the dry climate - is shrinking, so after some time due to spontaneous strain doors can look and doors may worse. In order to avoid this, you should choose the proper impregnated and lacquered wooden doors.

Steel exterior doors - an investment in the safety and good sound insulation. The door selection criteria often become mechanical strength, resistance to breakage, fire resistance, heat transfer coefficient of reliability. When choosing an armored steel door if you think the most important selection criterion in safety, be sure that the doors should be no lower than 3 class of security (buying doors, insist approved certificates, proof door Burglar resistance class). When choosing this type of door, with a strong need to harmonize the structure, additional elements of security and, of course, a good locks. Installation of good locks to the poor structure of the door the door will not be safe, resistant to burglary. It is necessary that the door locks installed security class suit your optional, vol. y. specific door model security requirements. Wanting naturalness inside the housing, but the strength of the outside, you can choose the steel door surface covered with wood panels. This is a great opportunity to preserve security, the idea of ​​changing not shy away from the naturalness exterior. Steel from steel doors are user friendly, and the fact that there may be a variety of colors and textures. You can choose from and the door, the appearance of which would be a different color than the interior - this avoids the confrontation between the interior and exterior of your house, the door is well suited not only for multi-staircase, but can be adapted to individual home range of colors. Steel exterior doors may have a variety of finishing options such as laminated, painted or with a wooden finish. In any case, the outer door trim has to be adapted for outdoor use. Can be combined door decoration tree inside and the outside of painted steel.