Frame Houses

Why frame house?

The quickest solution to searching for housing Frame house manufacturing and assembly takes a couple of months, and the entire construction process - no longer than one season.

Liver of
A well-built frame house can serve more than one hundred years. Because we use only the highest quality materials and advanced technology, you can be sure that the frame house will serve you for a lifetime.

Economical housing made from organic materials
By building frame houses using only natural materials that do not harm the environment and the residents of the house. If you are looking not only environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective options, we offer the option to choose a passive house: this type of frame home energy leakage is minimal. And it is - a more balanced relationship with nature and the extremely low fuel consumption.

Why frame house?
First of all, short construction time and the total financial and time costs.
Frame houses is one of the most flexible design decisions when planning the layout of the premises and the development of internal and external finishes.

What is it good frame houses?
Residential buildings;
Garden huts;
A wide range of business buildings;
Camping huts;
Rural tourism structures;
Administrative buildings.

What is a passive house?
Passive houses are often referred to as the future of housing. Using the latest technology, building walls are so tight that the heat exchange with the environment - and hence the energy loss - is reduced to a minimum. Jeipasyvus house is built properly, warm it very cheap. Consumes significantly less fuel, thereby reducing the CO2 footprint of the house, and (to the atmosphere carbon dioxide) and the rational use of natural resources needed for home heating. Although Lithuania passive houses are still a novelty in Western Europe are gaining popularity. We made a number of passive house in the international market, so we can provide detailed advice on the construction features. We can also offer locally produced three-chamber windows with a large leak frames that are necessary passive house equipment.

Half-timbered house manufacturing technology
Frame houses (prefabricated houses) are built from the factory ready to wall panels with internal and external decoration. Before the production of wall segments, each of which has a detailed drawing. Production of exterior wall segments used for exterior trim, wind insulation, insulation, ventilation cut out, door and window openings with framing. At customer's request, the inner wall segments can also be manufactured with a selected finish. Made walls are transported to the construction site and assembled on a foundation of an average of three days. Easy to install and windows and doors law significantly accelerates the construction of the house, it is therefore possible to completely avoid precipitation effects the quality of construction.