Log houses

Why manually processed a log house?

Premium wood:

Manually processed baulks using the highest quality wood, which is selected according to specific requirements. This reduces the rotation of the wood and cracking capabilities. House construction process, each log is individually selected, processed, dried and adaptable

Unique handmade piece:

Log home construction Hand-treated houses baulks preserves the natural beauty of nature and the uniqueness of each log. The production and assembly of a log house used the same thickness cut logs, but each of their height remains a natural adaptation to the jeweler to above it, and below it in detail, it is only at that location.

Disclosure of all log homes are:

Hand-treated timber houses are built of 150-200mm logs, which creates a set of large wooden array. It is best revealed in a house all the advantages of log house: the house walls breathe naturally ventilates the premises, kept at a constant relative humidity, static electricity does not. Solid wood as a natural building material does not emit chemicals into the living environment.