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        Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Hongyuan Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. !


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        To promote the modernization process of China's textile industry, and to achieve the goal of "Hundred Years of Hongyuan"

        HY-Auto498 roving frame

        HY-Auto498 automatic doffing roving machine is a roving machine developed by our company and with domestic leading level. It can not only realize fast and stable automatic doffing, but also realize the seamless connection of thickness and thickness in the subsequent process. It combines the design concepts of high speed, high degree of automation, simple structure and good spinning quality, which can provide users with more competitive replacement products. With the rising labor cost in China and the rapid transfer of labor to the tertiary industry, the textile industry is bound to develop in the direction of less labor and unmanned. The HY-Auto498 roving machine is a timely product in this context. The footprint is about 40% smaller than domestic similar products.


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