Stone works

Stone - one of the oldest and most durable building materials. The stone is used since ancient times. The earliest humans used stone for cooking, hunting, making tools, to produce a flame, etc. Today, the stone used as construction raw material, processed (cut, shaped, broken) processed (ground).

Construction stone used since ancient times, but the increasing pace of construction and building of the cheaper buildings, its usability is quite reduced.

Natural stone - versatile material. Natural design uniqueness, variety of textures, ecological safety and durability - features allowing natural stone surely take pride of place in the building materials market. Natural stone species diversity allows it to use in many areas of life: landscape design, interior design and architecture projects, etc.

Your stone work services:
Indoor and outdoor fireplaces;
Retaining walls;
Front, plinth trim;
Tracks, floor;
Fences, columns, columns;
Outdoor gazebos;
Clinker, vintage, decorative brickwork;
Rock panel sizing;
Stone Splitting;