We sell, install, and install a unique, durable, resistant and durable terraces, balconies, gazebo and footbridge from the thermo-wood. This wood suitable for outdoor decoration.

Terrace boards of the thermo-wood is much more resilient to external shocks than the board of the "exotic" tropical wood. Their surface is fully fuzzing. This is the highest quality boards, the maintenance is minimal. Investment in thermo-wood, a long-term, high-quality, aesthetically pleasing investment in your home and the well-being of the environment.


Different wood types are divided into five classifications according to their resistance category. Thermo-wood Thermo-D class of resistance to decay category 2, which means that the timber has excellent resistance to rot, and is in the same category as oak, mahogany, sequoia and red Canadian cedar. All materials and work carried out by giving a guarantee.


We recommend Thermowood treated wood surfaces. This protects the wood surface, color, and facilitates cleaning. Rough wood is also resistant, but the surface color tends to fade.

We recommend that you treat the wood with oil, wax, wood protective measures to protection against UV rays.

We do not recommend the use of natural vegetable oil, because it may be of food grade material, which can cause wood rot. Thermowood timber has no such origin. For air pollution, these materials may penetrate into the wood, so it must be protected. It should not be used to measure against which forms a film which does not allow air to penetrate.


retain the size and shape of the;
increased thermal resistance;
increased resistance to erosion and decay
have a variety of shades
no resin
hygienic without koncervant┼│ and environmentally friendly