Plastic - Windows
Plastic windows doors.Top quality plastic windows on Sale! Sold-out stock in already manufactured plastic windows and doors. New plastic windows according to your measurements produced extremely quickly. The ongoing campaign to have effective discounts! Plastic windows and doors have 5 or 10 year warranty option on the profile.

We offer:

Good cheap plastic windows from Decco profile;
Eternal plastic windows from Kommerling profile;
Balcony glazing with plastic windows;
Gazebo aluminum structures;
Plastic inner door;
Outdoor plastic doors;
Sliding plastic door;
Balcony-terraces plastic doors.

Wooden windows

Wood - it is nature that surrounds us, the character. This material radiates warmth and comfort. A man whose environment is a tree, shows that the real and not the apparent values. Tree breathable, absorb moisture from the environment, and it gives when it is missing. Due to these characteristics, the tree creates a uniquely comfortable environment. Observing the mass-market trends are clearly visible nostalgia for the past, nature and ecology. The exquisite style aesthetics valuing the people who seek to create a cozy environment, are increasingly opting for wooden windows. Windows has a great significance for the shaping of the building facade and interior of the building. A wide palette of colors, shapes and sizes, the ability to choose the type of wood - these are the qualities on which the wooden windows became popular not only for homeowners but also architects.

Wooden advantages:

Wooden windows profiliuode thermal resistance is higher.
Wooden profiles prevents cold thresholds within.
Wood is environmentally friendly and decorative material.
Windows can be painted any color or two colors.
The room maintains moisture balance.
Accumulate electrostatic charges, dust, how many man-made materials.